George Bou Nasr

Founder, Group Chairman & CEO (UAE)

When I started Al Badr, the first Company in 1978, it was an idea, hard work, and precision. Manufacturing through technology and innovation, was yet another concept that shaped Extra Co in 1979, until it engineered and sold through several of our divisions.  Development involved various processes and technologies with customized manufacturing practices and little room for handwork. My journey began initially in the construction and manufacturing segments. Computerized machines entered our workshops with additional choices of vast benefits for working; using specialized industrial designers. New material and processes became available with relevant invention ideas. 39 long years and I sit here amazed at how much has changed in-and-around these sectors due to incredible advances in technology.
The last two decades have seen some of the most dramatic shifts in customer behavior and expectations in modern times. If anything is different, it is the bridging and empowerment of innovation as well as emerging technologies to transform business strategies and operations; reduced costs and improved\ quality of existing and new products. 

We are moving with time and are fortunate to be a part of this transformative decade. Our clients are responding to change and embracing our unique trusted model. We have grown with other construction and industrial sectors added to the list; catering not only to local but also to international markets. With our strong strategic vision, foundational research and various customer engagement models, we are equipped with solutions for extraordinary changes in construction and industrial sectors. The future for industrial sector promises to be thriving as the speed of transformation continues to hasten. We are thankful to our clients for their business and amazing journey with us. We appreciate with profound happiness the support of our clients, partners, and friends for their journey with us. We look forward to the future and boundless prospects that we continue to be explored.

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