Extra Co’s blue elephant logo, although symbolic of the first Extra Co product – the water tank – embodies the core missions and values being promoted internally as well as to customers: The first is „Strength?, and it is reflective of our staff’s technical capabilities as well as our high-quality engineered products. The second is Efficiency and it is indicative of Extra Co’s mode of operation which allows a lot of flexiblity in delivery time, design, and cost vis à-vis clients. The third is „Friendliness and it is a value Extra Co prides itself on given the long-term relationships with both clients and suppliers.

In one statement, Extra Co’s mission is to provide its customers with the best value-engineered products and turnkey solutions for their industrial and construction needs within the quality standards, delivery time-frame, and investment budget constraints. Extra Co’s vision is to become the leading industrial manufacturer in the Gulf and the Middle East regions. The company is continuing to develop value-engineered products and services that are in line with the latest manufacturing technologies in order to meet the most technically challenging customer requirements.

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